COVID-19: Using Tents for College Classrooms & On-Campus Dining Halls

Life on college campuses and universities across the country will look remarkably different this fall, as viral testing, social distancing and face masks will be commonplace to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Residence halls, dining halls, and classrooms, meanwhile, are being redesigned at many higher education institutions to promote health and safety.

As administrators attempt to navigate their schools through this crisis and maintain a safe environment for students and faculty, clear span tents are emerging as an easy solution to expand dining areas and classrooms to protect students from the coronavirus. Emory University will be utilizing tents to expand their dining halls. Purdue will utilize tents for “grab and go” food service areas. Stanford University is even considering moving classrooms to outdoor clear span tents, with University Provost Persis Drell commenting that “absolutely nothing is off the table.”

As one of American’s oldest and most reliable providers of tents, Lafayette Tents can provide colleges and universities with the highest quality tents in the world. If you’re like us and are considering using tents to create all-weather social distancing facilities, contact Lafayette Tents today. We’re the number-one choice in the country to provide engineered clear span tents that can be used for outdoor classrooms or dining areas, promoting the safest possible environment for students and professors to learn and teach in during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using Tent Structures as Outdoor Classrooms

Who would have ever thought that a tent would be utilized as a classroom on a college campus? But during these unprecedented times, it actually makes a lot of sense in an effort to promote social distancing.

Most college classrooms are small and jam as many students as possible into them. Many lecture halls have seats that are bolted to the ground and cannot be moved. It is almost impossible to promote social distancing in traditional classrooms. Outdoor tents come in all shapes and sizes and deliver the social distancing you’re looking for to promote a healthy environment for everyone on campus. 

What Type of Tents Does Lafayette Tents Offer?

The best tents to utilize for classroom seating at higher education institutions are clear span structures.

Clear span classroom tents can be dressed up with clear tops and side walls with lighting to make the space really pop. Our tent pros will work with your school to find the perfect tent solution and create in-person classes that are comfortable and efficient for learning.

Clear span structures

Clear span tents are the most versatile tent option Lafayette Tents offers and the most sought after. Why? These tents are durable and can be erected on top of any surface, including on gravel, concrete, grass and over and around obstacles. They are engineered to withstand winds of up to 60 mph and three-second gusts of up to 90 mph. They’ll protect students and faculty from rain and other inclement weather. Because of this durability, clear span structures are the best option for long-term installation, such as for the entire fall semester or school year, if necessary.

Clear span tents are manufactured with a sturdy aluminum frame and have no interior poles, so there are no obstructions, allowing students and faculty to move freely throughout the space. We typically pair our clear span tents with custom lighting, signage, flooring or an HVAC solution.

Perhaps best yet, clear span tents are manufactured in almost any size – as narrow as 10 feet in width to as wide as 164 feet and in virtually unlimited lengths – capable of accommodating up to 1,000 students under one roof at a safe distance from one another.

Deployed Nationwide

If you’re interested in clear span tents to serve as college classrooms this fall, contact Lafayette Tents today. When you hire Lafayette Tents, we take care of everything for you. We have a three-step process that makes choosing and setting up a tent a cinch.

  • Choose a tent size: We’ll assist you in determining the right type of tent and its size based on the class sizes at your school.
  • Develop a site plan: We’ll then help you develop a site plan. This includes the location of the structure, width, length and floor plan.
  • Mobilization & installation: Finally, we manage every step of the process – including delivery, installation, take down and removal.

Contact Lafayette Tents Today to Discuss Tents for College Classrooms

If you’re a college administrator weighing the best solutions to protect students and faculty this fall from the coronavirus, contact Lafayette Tents, and we’ll discuss tent options that fit your needs

We always strive to provide customers with superior products and unmatched customer service. For more information about our selection of classroom temporary tents or to request a quote, contact Lafayette Tents today.


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