The Benefits of a Temporary Warehouse Structure Vs. a Permanent Location

Do you need additional warehouse space, but cannot find optimal additional space near your current warehouse? Let us tell you why a temporary structure from L2 might be perfect for your needs.

Before we discuss the benefits, let’s talk about the similarities of a temporary warehouse and a permanent location.


Building Square Footage

Our temporary clear span structures can be as large as virtually any industrial warehouse. L2’s temporary clear span structures range from 20’ wide to 164’ wide in virtually unlimited lengths (16’4” increments).

In 2019, we installed over 5 million square feet of temporary structures, including a single temporary structure as large as 250,000 SF.

Clear Height

Our standard temporary warehouse configurations have comparable interior clear height as standard industrial warehouse spaces. The clear height in our temporary structures ranges from 13’1” at the walls, which increases as high as 39’ feet at the peak (peak height varies based on width). We even have structures that can fit an entire Airbus A320 inside of it with room to spare.



The most common reason our clients choose a temporary structure versus leasing additional warehouse space is that a temporary structure can be installed on-site and exactly where you need it. An additional warehouse space may require additional employees, insurance costs, logistics expenses, and operational complexity – our clients like to keep it simple!


The second most common reason our clients choose a temporary warehouse is that most clients can begin using their space within 14 days of contract signing. If you choose a permanent space, you may not even locate optimal warehouse space within that timeframe. At L2, we will work to accommodate any time, so do not fret if you need temporary space even sooner.


Leases can be month-to-month or multi-year with the option to extend. One- to 24-month lease terms are available.


Our pricing is all-inclusive and often beats the all-in cost of a conventional warehouse when you factor in all the additional costs – insurance, property taxes, off-site logistics, etc.


Our scope of work will include everything needed to get the job done (transportation, equipment, and installation) so you don’t have to worry about any surprises.


The professionals at L2 will work with you closely to ensure you have the space to fit your needs. And don’t worry if you quickly realize you need more space – our modular structures can be easily expanded after the initial installation.


Our temporary structures are used for many reasons, including:

  • Excess inventory storage
  • Expanded break rooms
  • Construction equipment storage
  • Material storage
  • All-weather construction shelter
  • Temporary replacement space during business interruption or renovations

Ready to Learn More About L2’s Temporary Clear Span Structures?

We make it easy with our three-step process.

Step 1: Choose a type of tent. Depending on the type of your event, square footage, number of attendees, and where the tent will be set up (grass, gravel, concrete, etc.), we can help guide your decision.

Step 2: Develop a site plan. Our team of in-house designers will work with you to estimate appropriate size, shape, and floor plan.

Step 3: We manage everything. L2 will handle every aspect of delivery, setup, take down, and removal.

L2 is one of the nation’s largest installers and suppliers of temporary clear span structures in the United States. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your temporary space needs.


Keven and his team at Lafayette Tents & Events provided a completely seamless experience. From beginning to end, they communicated well, paid attention to our needs, and exceeded every expectation. Can't wait to work with them again next year.

G.D., Owner of Event Management Company

I want to tell you how very pleased I was with both set-up and take-down of the tents. The installers were freindly, helpful and all around great guys. It was raining and muddy during the take-down, yet these guys were great! Thank you for all of the help.

M.A., Event Coordinator at Fortune 500 Customer

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