Tents for Expanded Outdoor Seating at Restaurants and Bars

With many area restaurants and bars still under social distancing restrictions, indoor capacity is largely reduced. Bars and restaurants are searching for ways to expand outdoor seating to accommodate patrons safely in this new era. 

Utilizing outdoor tents at restaurants have quickly become a popular option to deliver more seating space while still promoting social distancing. Learn about available tent options from Lafayette Tents and the best solutions to deliver additional occupancy for your restaurant or bar.

Options for Outdoor Restaurant Tents

When it comes to using outdoor tents at restaurants, the best option depends on the needs of your operation and the specifics of your site. The tents we recommend for bars and restaurants looking to expand outdoor dining include:

Clear Span Tents

Clear span tents are one of the most popular options for outdoor restaurant tents in the age of social distancing. These structures are created with a strong aluminum frame that do not require interior poles. The result is an unobstructed interior space that limits seating arrangements and provides few obstacles for restaurant staff moving about. 

When it comes to outdoor dining tents, clear span structures can be utilized on most any terrain. Whether your facility’s outdoor seating option area is limited to grass, pavement or a gravel parking lot, clear frame tents can go almost anywhere. In areas exposed to the elements, such as high winds, clear span structures offer the stability and durability required to comfortably accommodate guests in any environment.

They are durable and built for long-term use to allow expanded seating for as long as needed. Custom lighting arrangements, flooring and even an HVAC solution can be added for optimum comfort and safety.

Frame Tents

Frame tents are another recommended option for outdoor restaurant tents to deliver expanded seating capacity. Like a clear span tent, there are no interior poles that obstruct movement within the tented area. Stakes are set at the base of the frame, meaning it requires a smaller footprint than a pole tent.

Frame tents are a good option for outdoor restaurant tents and seating in areas that are protected from winds. Constructed between buildings or other largely enclosed outdoor spaces that don’t require protection from high winds, frame tents offer durability for long-term expanded seating.

Extra Options for Outdoor Restaurant Tents

In the heat of summer, restaurant and bar owners are also conscious of guest comfort when determining viable outdoor seating with outdoor restaurant tents. Outdoor restaurant tents offer many options that help restaurants deliver ambiance without sacrificing comfort.

  • Clear tops and side walls help enclosed spaces feel more open to guests. When breathtaking views are a feature of your facility, use these options to preserve the environment your guests enjoy most.
  • Lighting arrangements help create ambiance and deliver adequate light for employees to safely move about the expanded seating area. With lighting, outdoor restaurant tents can be used any time of day, allowing restaurant and bar owners to continue service well after dark.
  • HVAC solutions added to outdoor tents help patrons and staff stay comfortable during the summer months.

Deployment to Your Business’ Location

If you’re interested in a frame or clear span tent for your restaurant or bar, contact Lafayette Tents today. When you hire Lafayette Tents, we take care of everything for you. We have a three-step process that makes choosing and setting up a tent a breeze

  • Choose a tent size: We’ll assist you in determining the right type of tent and its size.
  • Develop a site plan: We’ll then help you develop a site plan. This includes the location of the structure, width, length and floor plan.
  • Mobilization & installation: Finally, we manage every step of the process – including delivery, installation, take down and removal.

Explore Options for Expanded Seating with Lafayette Tents

In this new age of social distancing and new requirements for restaurant and bar owners, Lafayette Tents offers the solutions you need to safely accommodate guests, get staff back to work and get your business back online. Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn about the available options for outdoor dining tents from Lafayette Tents.


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