Patient Intake Facilities

Temporary Medical Patient Intake Facility Structures

At Lafayette Tents & Events, we’ve been in the business of renting high-quality tents and structures since 1913. With more than a century of service under our belts, it’s not a surprise we’re one of the oldest and most trusted tent providers in the United States.

We’ve installed tents for a variety of events, including fairs, music festivals, agricultural shows and corporate retreats. Recently, though, our tents have proven to be useful for hospitals and healthcare facilities to handle an overflow of patients who need to be treated or tested for the coronavirus (COVID-19). The recent pandemic has stretched hospital staffs thin as they look for additional space to house patients.

If your hospital or healthcare facility needs additional space to combat the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Lafayette Tents & Events can help. We have tents in all sizes that can serve as coronavirus patient intake facilities. Our tents can be set up anywhere, including in the parking lots of medical facilities or grassy fields. If you’re interested in a quality tent to serve as a medical intake facility, contact the tent experts at Lafayette Tents & Events today.

Dependable Tent Deployment You Can Trust

We make the entire process of delivering a tent to your location as simple as possible. We handle everything so you can take care of what’s important to you – your staff and patients. We have a simple three-step process for delivering you the best tent or temporary structure for use as a patient intake facility.

  • Chose a type of tent: Depending on your needs, we’ll help you determine the right type of clear span tent.
  • Develop a site plan: Next, we’ll help you develop a site plan. This includes the location of the structure, width, length, and floor plan.
  • Mobilization & installation: Finally, we manage every step of the process – including delivery, installation, take down and removal. We can keep staff on-site or nearby after installation to make sure everything runs smoothly.

No matter where you’re located, Lafayette Tents & Events has you covered. We’ve deployed our tents coast-to-coast throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and more.

Tent Options From Lafayette Tents

Pop up tent field hospitals are being utilized across the world as healthcare facilities and government agencies scramble to keep up with the demand of treating and testing patients for COVID-19. Lafayette Tents & Events provides tents and structures of all sizes that can serve as temporary field hospitals, temporary patient triage or temporary screening tents.

Temporary Field Hospitals

Hospitals in many of the world’s largest cities, including New York City, have deployed temporary field tents to house patients infected with COVID-19. Depending on the healthcare provider’s needs, we offer tents of all sizes, with some large enough to house 500 beds for patients under one roof. These structures are equipped to store medical supplies and equipment and can be retrofitted to include HVAC units to keep hospital personnel and patients comfortable.

Temporary Patient Triage

A medical triage tent is a valuable tool when hospitals have an overflow of patients and need to prioritize who needs to be treated with more urgency. Medical triage determines what patients may have a serious or life-threatening conditions and need to be treated immediately. A temporary triage tent is an ideal location to test patients before they are admitted inside the hospital.

Temporary Screening Tent

We also supply tents to screen and test people for the coronavirus. Screening tents located near healthcare facilities allow patients to be tested without needing to admit them inside the hospital, where they can put patients and hospital personnel at risk of catching COVID-19. Temporary screening tents can also be used by businesses, companies and government agencies to screen and test employees and customers for COVID-19 before they enter their place of work. If you’re an essential service, a health screening tent can give you the knowledge and security of knowing that people entering your building are symptom free.

Available Tent Specifications

With our 60,000 square-foot warehouse, you can rest assured that we have the tent or structure for any of your medical testing or patient intake facility needs. We offer inventory that can serve as small temporary screening tents all the way up to large structures that can house more than 500 beds.


Our available dimensions will handle any of your medical testing needs. They include:

  • Widths: 20’ | 30’ | 33’ | 39’ | 49’ | 66’ | 82’ | 98’ | 131’ | 164’
  • Lengths: Virtually unlimited in 5-meter (16’ 5”) increments
  • Uprights: 10’ and 13’


Our tents are engineered to withstand winds of up to 60 mph and gusts of up to 90 mph. The durability of our tents makes them perfect for long-term installations and for use in a variety of geographies with unpredictable weather. We’re able to erect tents in virtually any environment, whether on gravel, grass, concrete or over and around obstacles.


Because medical facilities are using our tents for weeks and months on end, they’ll need to be cleaned frequently to prevent the spread of germs. Our tents can be cleaned with cleaners approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Premium Materials

Lafayette Tents & Events’ tents are made from materials that will stand the test of time. They’re produced with materials that block UV light to keep staff and customers safe from harmful rays.

Our tents come with an anodized aluminium frame with a 25 ounce vinyl-coated Serge Ferrari 702 fabric (or equivalent). Aluminum is light and offers both rigidity and strength. Because our tents are produced with materials that can handle all environments, they can be safely shipped across the country and overseas.

We typically pair our clear span tents with custom lighting, signage, flooring or HVAC solutions.

Trust Lafayette Tents & Events for all Your Tent Needs

With more than 100 years of tenting experience, Lafayette Tents is the only name you need to know if you’re looking for a tent to serve as a patient intake facility or medical testing site for COVID-19. We pride ourselves on our customer service, fast response times and attention to detail. Please contact Lafayette Tents & Events today to discuss medical tent deployment to your facility.


Keven and his team at Lafayette Tents & Events provided a completely seamless experience. From beginning to end, they communicated well, paid attention to our needs, and exceeded every expectation. Can't wait to work with them again next year.

G.D., Owner of Event Management Company

I want to tell you how very pleased I was with both set-up and take-down of the tents. The installers were freindly, helpful and all around great guys. It was raining and muddy during the take-down, yet these guys were great! Thank you for all of the help.

M.A., Event Coordinator at Fortune 500 Customer

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