Tents for Employee Breakrooms and Social Distancing

As restaurants, bars and businesses across the country look for ways to protect employees from COVID-19, one popular option many business owners are turning to is providing their employees with expanded areas to take breaks to practice social distancing.

Many businesses – from restaurants to large box stores – typically have small breakrooms that are used by many people, leading to the spread of germs and viruses. In these cases, it’s difficult to adhere to proper social distance guidelines while employees enjoy their lunch or dinner, or take a quick break away from work.

One popular solution to this is providing a separate tent area outside the business that can serve as an employee breakroom. Clear span tents are perfect for this need. They come in all sizes depending on the business’ needs. For more information about employee breakroom tents, contact Lafayette Tents. We’ve been in business since 1913, and we are America’s most trusted tent provider.

Using Tents for Employee Breakrooms

Outdoor tents provide employees a safe alternative to their smaller breakrooms inside. The best tent to utilize for an employee breakroom to promote social distancing is Lafayette Tents’ selection of clear span structures. The versatility and durability of these tents make them our most sought-after inventory. Clear span tents are a great choice for employee breakrooms for several reasons, including:

Resistance to weather

If you are seeking a tent for use longer than a few weeks, we only recommend engineered tent structures. Our clear span structures are engineered to withstand winds of up to 60 mph and three-second gusts of up to 90 mph. This durability makes them the best option for long-term installation for a business’ employee breakroom.

These tents can come with side walls for more privacy and protection from the rain and inclement weather.

Range of sizes

We offer clear span structures in virtually any size to meet your business’ needs for an employee breakroom. We can accommodate tents as small as 1,000 square feet to well over 100,000 square feet. These tents are great for any size of business and can hold dozens or thousands of employees depending on the size of tent you select.

Top-notch engineering

Clear span structures are the most durable tent option Lafayette Tents carries. They offer a sturdy aluminum frame and unobstructed interior spaces without any interior columns. The interiors can be arranged to accommodate virtually any layout. Clear span structures are highly versatile and can be erected in almost any environment, including concrete, grass, gravel and over and around obstacles.

Customization options

Just because your employees are outside taking their breaks in a tent doesn’t mean they’ll miss any of the modern accommodations that come from being inside. Lafayette Tents’ clear span tents can come with custom lighting, signage, flooring or an HVAC solution.

Rapid Deployment to Your Location

If you decide your business needs a clear span structure to take care of its employees during these unprecedented times, contact Lafayette Tents today. We take care of everything so you can focus on your business, customers and employees. Our three-step process makes choosing a tent for your business a breeze.

  • Choose a tent size: Depending on how many employees there are, we’ll help you determine the right size of clear span tent.
  • Develop a site plan: Next, we’ll help you develop a site plan. This includes the location of the structure, width, length and floor plan.
  • Mobilization & installation: Finally, we manage every step of the process – including delivery, installation, take down and removal.

Contact Lafayette Tents for All of Your Business’ Tent Needs

It’s not a coincidence that we’ve been in business for more than a century. We’ve installed tents for thousands of businesses, colleges and event companies throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and more.

We’re one of the largest suppliers of clear span structures in the United States and provide superior products and excellent customer service that our customers have come to trust. If you’re interested in a clear span tent to promote social distancing at your business, contact the friendly tent experts at Lafayette Tents today!


Keven and his team at Lafayette Tents & Events provided a completely seamless experience. From beginning to end, they communicated well, paid attention to our needs, and exceeded every expectation. Can't wait to work with them again next year.

G.D., Owner of Event Management Company

I want to tell you how very pleased I was with both set-up and take-down of the tents. The installers were freindly, helpful and all around great guys. It was raining and muddy during the take-down, yet these guys were great! Thank you for all of the help.

M.A., Event Coordinator at Fortune 500 Customer

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