How Clear Span Structures Can Help Winter Construction Projects

Construction work is often delayed or halted across the country as snow, ice, and frigid temperatures set in during winter months.

Fortunately, L2 has a solution to keep your construction project going strong throughout the winter months – a clear span structure. L2’s broad inventory of clear span structures are designed to protect your construction equipment and employees from harsh weather conditions. We even carry temporary structures as large as 164’ wide without interior poles that can span an entire building foundation to allow contractors to continue working throughout the winter months.

To learn more about L2’s clear span structures for long-term rental, contact us today to speak with a representative. We’re confident we have the structure available that you need to keep your construction projects moving along during the winter months.

Benefits of Clear Span Structures for Construction Jobs

Whether you’re building an industrial warehouse, apartment complex, or medical facility, don’t let cold or snowy weather slow down your construction project. We know that you have a deadline and that your clients want their project to be built as soon as possible. With a clear span structure, you can protect your employees and equipment from bad weather. Some of the benefits of renting a clear span structure include:

Protection for Tools and Equipment

A temporary shelter for storage of your tools and machinery will save your company time and money. After each day – or on days it’s too cold or snowy to work – you can keep your tools protected under a temporary construction tent from L2.

Our temporary clear span structures are a superior choice compared to conex boxes for material storage. Our structures can range from 1,000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet under one roof so that tools and equipment can be accessed with normal machinery like a typical warehouse.

You’ll never need to worry about covering equipment and machinery after each day of work, and you’ll save the time, money and hassle associated with transporting tools from the job site to your business’ warehouse or parking lot. The next time you arrive, you’ll find your machinery clean and ready to use!

Protection for Employees

Construction workers are as tough as they come, but even they may be subject to frostbite, hypothermia and trench foot if they spend too much time in wet, frigid weather. Construction workers are at an increased risk of cold stress during the winter months, which may lead to illness.

A clear span structure provides the necessary space for workers to warm up and take their breaks. This leads to a safer working environment that will increase productivity. 

Limiting Thefts and Vandalism

If you leave your expensive construction tools and machinery out in the open, they are subject to an increased risk of theft. Theft can cost your company thousands of dollars and throw the project way behind schedule. With a temporary structure from L2, you get to keep all of your valuables and machinery out of sight at the end of each day, reducing the risk of missing tools and machinery.

Take on Additional Work

Utilizing temporary structures during the winter allows construction companies to not only better meet deadlines throughout the year, but it gives them the ability to take on more projects, which can improve the company’s bottom line.

Benefits of Clear Span Structures for Construction Jobs

Clear span structures are L2’s most sought after inventory for a reason. There are several benefits to renting a clear span structure for your next construction project.

  • Versatile. They can be erected in virtually any environment, whether on concrete, grass, gravel or over and around obstacles.
  • Spacious. They are engineered with a sturdy aluminum frame and unobstructed interior space because there are no interior poles. This will make it easy for workers to move machinery and tools around inside the structure.
  • Durable. Clear span structures are extremely durable and will hold up in the midst of very heavy weather conditions, including winds of up to 60 mph and three-second wind bursts of up to 90 mph.
  • Customizable. They are able to be combined with other structures and can include walkways between them. They can also be paired with custom lighting, custom signage, flooring or an HVAC solution.

Contact L2 for a Temporary Construction Shelter

L2 is a family owned business that was started in the heart of the Midwest in Lafayette, Indiana, in 1913. Over the decades, we’ve grown into one of the largest and most trusted suppliers of temporary structures in the country. Whatever your needs behind requiring a temporary building or structure are, L2 is able to fix your issue with the best possible solution. If you’re looking for a high-quality structure to keep your construction projects going strong throughout the winter or colder months, contact L2 today.


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